Long time, no see, MLC Dresden! In an effort to revamp our activities of bringing together machine learning specialists and users in and around Dresden, we are starting to organize a seminar series.

It is our pleasure to announce the first speaker for this: Oliver Guhr (HTW Dresden). Oliver agreed to talk about Transformers in Machine Learning.

Deep Neural Networks have revolutionized image processing, but these successes could not simply be transferred to text processing - until 2017 when the Transformers were introduced. This new architecture has brought great advances in many areas of speech processing, and some, such as generating compelling text, are now possible. Together we look at how transfer learning and attention work with the Transformer architecture.

Seminar Infrastructure

We facilitate this meeting under the Dresden Code of Conduct. Please be mindful of your peers and supportive in your communication!

To make the seminar more interactive for everyone, we set up interactives notes here. Please use them to connect to others, submit questions, add further material for the talk. The talk notes will appear on this post after the talk.

Connection Details

We will conduct this seminar online with zoom on Jan 12, 2021, at 2pm.

Please connect using the direct meeting link or by webclient.

The meeting details are:

Meeting ID: 872 4507 4326 Passcode: 641037

Find your local number for phone dial on this page.